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Voluntary Waiver of Presence at Final Revocation Hearing

An indvidual that is detained in a non-Illinois Department of Corrections' facility for an alleged violation of parole/release, may elect to forego an in-person hearing with the Board, and allow the Board to make a decision regarding violation and possible revocation or other sanction, in an ex parte hearing.  To enact this action, the individual in custody or their attorney, who has filed an Entry of Appearance with the Board, must send a written request to the Board to request the waiver.  They may include any statements they wish to have the Board consider while reviewing their case.  

These cases are reviewed and determined without live testimony.  The Board will review all documentation provised with the request and the information on file, including any statements on behalf or in protest of the case.  


Requests may be sent to the address below and must include the name of the indvidual and their Illinois Department of Corrections Identification Number.

Illinois Prisoner Review Board

319 E Madison Suite, A

Springfield, IL  62701