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Final Discharge

The Prisoner Review Board may enter an order discharging an individual from Parole or Mandatory Supervised Release, when it determines that he or she is likely to remain at liberty without committing another offense.   

When requests for early discharge are received, the Board considers the following factors (including but not limited to):

  1. The individual’s Risk and Needs assessment as provided by the Illinois Department of Corrections’ Parole Division,
  2. Any written or verbal Victim Impact Statement from the Victim of the crime, or a relative of the Victim,
  3. The individual’s compliance with Parole supervision,
  4. The individual’s program or treatment participation and progress,
  5. Aggravating or mitigating factors from the criminal case that led to the individual’s incarceration,
  6. Whether the early release would deprecate the seriousness of the offense and adversely affect public safety,
  7. Work and/or education participation,
  8. Recommendations of the Illinois Department of Corrections Parole Division.