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Mandatory Supervised Release (MSR)

Individuals released from the Illinois Department of Corrections on a sentence determined by the court (Determinate Sentence) are required by Illinois Statue to serve a period of Mandatory Supervised Release. The Illinois Prisoner Review Board has no discretion or independent authority to release most individuals to Mandatory Supervised Release. Individuals are released upon the date calculated by the Illinois Department of Corrections’ Records’ Office. 

Upon release, individuals are subject to abide by the conditions set by 730 ILCS 5/3-3-7, the Board and the Parole Agent. 

The Board may place any conditions on the releasee that they deem necessary to assist the releasing individual in leading a law-abiding life.  Conditions are set on a review of each individual case.  When determining the conditions, the Board considers the following factors (including but not limited to):

  1. The individual’s criminogenic need level, based upon a validated Risk and Needs assessment as provided by the Illinois Department of Corrections
  2. Any written or verbal Victim Impact Statement from the Victim of the crime, or a relative of the Victim,
  3. Recidivism of the releasing individual,
  4. Individual’s program or treatment participation and progress,
  5. Individual’s institutional adjustment,
  6. Aggravating or mitigating factors from the current criminal case,
  7. Parole/Release Case Plan
  8. Whether the individual had previously absconded or escaped or attempted to abscond or escape while on previous supervisions, and
  9. Whether the Individual completed or worked toward completing a high school diploma, a general equivalency degree, or a college degree during his or her period of incarceration.
  10. Recommendations of the Illinois Department of Corrections

The conditions of the Board may be amended by the Board at any time during the release term, in conjunction with a recommendation by the Parole Division in furtherance of a sanction.